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Artificial Rock Memorial Products Like No Other!
 - Unique - Affordable - Lightweight - Transportable -

Rocks of Remembrance is a wholesale enterprise offering absolutely beautiful one-of-a-kind lightweight handcrafted artificial rock memorial products to cemeteries, crematoria and funeral homes across Australia.

If you are looking for an alternative way to store a loved one’s ashes or precious keepsakes, then why not go for a realistic looking Rock of Remembrance Urn, where the ashes can be securely placed for prosperity.

These artificial rocks are designed large enough to house single or companion ash containers as well as precious keepsakes in a cavity inside the rock, but light enough to be taken with you if you move house. Once the ash container is placed inside the rock, the colour coded base is put in place & sealed, which makes the rock air & water tight, so as to protect your loved ones memories for eternity.
Rock of Remembrance
Rocks of Remembrance also offer hand crafted artificial rock Memorial Pet Urns, which let you create a special remembrance of your beloved friend. These rocks also have enough room inside for ashes as well as some special mementoes & would look great in your pet’s special place in the garden.

If your loved one has been buried & you don’t have ashes, we can construct a Memorial Rock (without the cavity), so you can have a memorial of those you love but are no longer with you, close by in the privacy of your own garden.

Artificial rock Memorial Garden Plaques are another specialty handcrafted by Rocks of Remembrance, as well as special custom orders by request e.g. feature rocks, themed rocks or large memorial rocks, any size or any colour.
Rock of Remembrance
All of the rocks come with a section custom sculpt out for a Bronze Plaque, which we can supply as an optional extra.

All products are available in our standard colour range: Black Granite, White Granite, Sandstone, Ash Brown, Dark Mottle, Light Mottle and Bush Rock.

We also do custom rock work and special orders by request - any size, any colour.

Rocks of Remembrance supply Australia wide. For more information or your nearest distributor, please contact us.
"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."
Memorial Rocks

  • Features a bronze plaque recess
  • Memorial Rock only: no cavity for ash container
  • Memorial Rock Urns: able to hold single or companion ash containers
  • Approximate weight: 20 - 30kg
  • Available in our standard colour range or custom colour by request
Pet Rocks

  • Memorial Pet Rocks & Urns
    Angel series size:
        approx 400 x 350 x 300mm
  • Available with or without bronze plaque recess
  • Available in our standard colour range
Garden Plaques

  • Features a bronze plaque recess
  • Approximate thickness 75 - 100mm
  • Available in our standard colour range
  • Any size by request
Memorial Rock Urn
Memorial Pet Rock
Garden Plaque
"Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories."
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