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Artificial Rock Memorial Products Like No Other!
 - Unique - Affordable - Lightweight - Transportable -

Rocks of Remembrance is a wholesale enterprise offering absolutely beautiful one-of-a-kind lightweight handcrafted artificial rock memorial products to cemeteries, crematoria and funeral homes across Australia.

If you are looking for an alternative way to store a loved one’s ashes or precious keepsakes, then why not go for a realistic looking Rock of Remembrance Urn, where the ashes can be securely placed for prosperity.

These artificial rocks are designed to house a single ash container, companion ash containers, family or even generations in a cavity inside the rock. Once the ash container is placed inside the rock, the base is put in place & sealed, which makes the rock air & water tight, so as to protect your loved ones memories for eternity.
Rock of Remembrance
Rock of Remembrance
All of the rocks come with a section custom sculpt out for a Bronze Plaque, which we can supply as an optional extra.

All products are available in our standard colour range: Black Granite, White Granite, Sandstone, Ash Brown, Dark Mottle, Light Mottle and Bush Rock.

We also do custom rock work and special orders by request - any size, any colour.
After over 30 years constructing many artificial rock projects locally, nationally and international for Resorts, pool builders, residential & commercial projects, we are now offering our services and great designs to construct beautiful one of a kind Memorial Gardens.
If you are looking at designing a new memorial garden in your cemetery we can help design & construct many large scale projects where every structure is able to house ash containers throughout.

We can construct anything in artificial rock ranging from large scale rock boulders, trees & logs, waterfalls, feature vertical walls, caves, rock stairs, lagoons, rock boulder signage, creeks, internal & external wall cladding as well as many different resort style themed memorial gardens.
All our artificial rock structures are very realistic & aesthetically pleasing from the hand sculpted crevices right through to realistic artificial fungi, mosses and the very natural colouring system we use. We believe our products, ideas and hands-on construction can contribute to an Award Winning memorial garden.

Rocks of Remembrance supply Australia wide. For more information or your nearest distributor, please contact us.
"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."
Memorial Rocks

  • Features a bronze plaque recess
  • Memorial Rock only: no cavity for ash container
  • Memorial Rock Urns: able to hold single or companion ash containers
  • Approximate weight: 20 - 30kg
  • Available in our standard colour range or custom colour by request
Armed Forces

  • Our finest Rock Ash Urn to honour those who served our great country
  • All badges are handmade by us from fibreglass for a realistic finish
  • Large cavity for up to 3 ash containers as well as mementoes

  • We specialize in our artificial rock headstones & bases, all hand sculpt using no moulds & very realistically coloured.
  • Our aim is to have a beautiful range of one of kind headstones with our optional range of sculpted fairies, angels, cherubs etc sculpt into the headstones.
  • Features an optional plaque recess.
Memorial Rock Urn
Armed Forces
"Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories."
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