Memorial Rock


All of our products are unique in their own way, this Memorial Rock was designed for a family of a truck driver who lost his life in his truck. The truck sculpture was handmade here in our premises from a very strong resin it is then airbrushed with our bronze 2pac paint for a long lasting finish. The Memorial Rock holds a large ash container in a cavity inside the rock & comes with an aluminium base to seal the rock air and water tight.

Each rock has a sculpt recess for placement of a plaque. These can be made to any dimension. The Memorial Rocks can be made to your choice of colour.

We can design & create a beautiful Memorial Rock to reflect a loved one’s life from small to large scale projects.

The Memorial Rock can be made with a cavity inside the rock to house an ash container, it will come with a base plate to seal on once the ash container is placed inside. When the base plate is sealed in place the rock will become air & water tight protecting your loved once ashes for a lifetime.

We have many different designs to choose from & we are coming up with new designs all the time. You can also add one of our handmade sculptures for a personal touch.

We can supply bronze, glass or ceramic plaques as well as ceramic photos which can be placed in a sculpt out recess on the Memorial Rock so it sits flush with the rock.

We also design & construct large scale Memorial Rocks to honour those who have passed in the community.

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