What Are Rock Urns?

Rock Urns are a unique alternative way to store a loved ones ashes in a cavity inside a realistic artificial rock. All our Rock Urns are 100% hand made by us using our special formulated concrete blend, we hand sculpt each piece making it unique in its own way.

The good old fashioned hand sculpting is slowly becoming a thing of the past, but not here at Rocks of Remembrance as we use no moulds. We can custom colour our Rock Urns to personal preference using our own special colouring system. They all come with a base plate which gets sealed on once the ashes are placed inside, this making the Rock Urn air & water tight. They are a becoming a great alternative for those that don’t wish to be buried as the ash container is placed in the cavity inside the rock & not buried in the ground with a plaque placed over the top or on the kerb.

Our Rock Urns come with a hand sculpt recess for placement of a bronze plaque.

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