What's Involved In A Cremation Process

What’s Involved In A Cremation Process

When a person dies, the body is taken to a funeral home or crematorium. Once the required paperwork is completed, the cremation time can be arranged.

The body is placed into a cremation chamber and subjected to extreme heat.

The temperature is so intense it vaporizes most of the organic matter and incinerates the bones, which are reduced down to fragments.

An average sized human body is usually reduced to ashes in less than 2 hours, while the entire cremation procedure from beginning to end can take up to 4 hours.

After the cooling period, they are ground to a finer consistency using a cremulator. The ashes are examined and any metal is removed, such as pins or screws from surgical procedures. This is done manually or with a magnet. The cremated remains are then collected and presented to the family.

A common concern for people considering cremation for them or for a loved one is whether the cremated ashes get mixed up with the ashes of other people cremated previously in the cremator.

As only one body is permitted to be placed in the cremator at any time, there is no risk that the ashes of your loved one will contain a significant amount of ashes from another person.

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